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Obvious is a collective of researchers, artists, and friends, working with the latest models of deep learning to explore the creative potential of artificial intelligence. They use their work to share their vision of artificial intelligence and its implementation in our society. In 2018, they were behind the sale of the first AI artwork to go through the major auction house. Christie's. This artwork, 'Portrait d'Edmond de Belamy' sold for an incredible $432,500.

Since then, the artists have been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, as well as art magazines such as artnet, The Art Newspaper, Artsy, and other media, including CNN, CNBC, the Financial Times and more. In Obvious' manifesto, they state the following: 'We wish to demonstrate that algorithms help us complete our understanding of how we function as humans, and push us to outsmart our current level of creativity'.



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