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Dario Paczula (Nryae) is a 24-year-old glitch artist based in Bremen, Germany. He is a student of design and communication and finds his inspiration in the works of Giacomo Carmagnola, supercaelestia, polygon1993, visualpotions and other popular glitch artists. Having started on Instagram, where he operates under the name "", he is gaining in popularity and recently received the coveted title of "artist of the month" on Glitch Artists Collective, the most important and most active group for the practices and discourse of glitch arts.

Glitch art (that is, the instigation of errors in software and hardware to generate a new aesthetic), is a relatively young genre within the practices of the digital arts. The same is true of the artistic fascination with errors, whether unintended or provoked, within the digital interface processes. His work exudes style, and even though he mainly edits static images, these often have a form of movement, thanks to the way he "sorts", (or "expands") a selection of pixels in each room. He tries to use movement to capture sensations such as weight and dynamics. His process begins with the search for a basic image that corresponds to its aesthetic sensitivity. Paczula then divides the chosen image into the foreground and background, before replacing the background with an abstract texture or an image that he has previously sorted by pixels. Finally, he works on the entire image, editing and sorting pixels as he sees fit, while generally keeping a relatively unpublished subject in the foreground, which he treats as a focal point by which spectators can enter the finished work.