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Nicolas Vuignier is a professional skier and artist based in Switzerland. He showcases his unique blend of skiing and art in his creative expression, focussing on creating playful and humourous short films around his sport. Using cutting-edge technology and post-production editing tools, Nicolas' work adds whimsy and fantasy to what is already a dynamic and engaging sport. By adding this supplementary layer of magic to skiing, the artist conveys his own love and passion for the sport, whilst also presenting a vision of skiing that has never been seen before, allowing the viewer to reassess their relationship with what they think they know about skiing.

One of the highlights of his competitive career was to land on the top rank of the Redbull Linecatcher in 2015. Since then, Nicolas has transitioned away from competitions to focus on creative ventures. He finds inspiration beyond the world of skiing and aims to bring his work to the realm of art and digital culture. His work has been featured on websites like the Times, Nat Geo, and Nowness.


Nico Vuignier