Austris Rudzinski, aka Newartstudios, is a 3D and motion freelance designer based in Latvia. He became passionate about photography at the age of 15 when he discovered the French comedy «Paparazzi» directed by Alain Berberian. Convinced that he wanted to make photography his profession, Austris turned to a specialized school at the end of high school. Disappointed with the teaching provided, he stopped his course to devote himself to audiovisual production, while learning in a self-taught way. It is by joining this sector that he discovers 3D art and makes it his vocation.

Austris documents his progress in animation, animated graphics, video editing and particle simulation on its YouTube channel. His art carries an exhilarating and satisfying imprint to look at. His ambition is to one day create an imposing work, and to do this, he trains and practices 3D animation in every project he carries out.



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