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Neon Minuit is a duo of artists using digital tools to capture pieces of reality to stage them in their playground: the virtual world. Their artistic approach is inspired by scientific experimentation and serendipity. Using video game tools, they explore and experiment with new ways of perceiving realities, apprehending new spaces and creating illusions. Like modern magicians, they make pixels sing and polygons dance.

Their work is based on the subject of reality. Léon and Dorian scan sculptures, monuments, people or even landscapes that they encounter. This material captured by photogrammetry allows them to explore spaces composed of clouds of points. It is the memory of a past, a spatial memory. This substance allows them to compose works between reality and the virtual, the photo and the screen, the film and the game. It is in these intersections that they deploy a particular aesthetic composed of thousands of suspended points.


Neon Minuit