NAOWAO, by her real name Nao Sakamoto, is a Tokyo-based artist who explores hybrid worlds between physics and digital. Through animation, performances and installations, she creates a surreal, dreamlike and immersive virtual world. Mainly inspired by her experience of living in different cultures and by natural organisms, her works question the meaning of the relationship that one has with oneself and the world that surrounds us, in all that it has of digital today of course as well.

NAOWAO’s creative journey began at an early age, from drawing to photography, which eventually led her to film making at the university. After graduating, she worked for two years at a media production company in New York. Inspired by her artistic direction and design projects, she then wanted to continue exploring the narrative aspect in spatial design with interior architecture in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She then began to live as a media artist and independent director, continuing to explore her visual worlds. She has previously exhibited in Venice, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Valencia, Toyko…



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