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Moteh aka Morten Lasskogen is a digital artist from Denmark. He has a background in photography, working 10+ years in the industry. Through his photography, Moteh developed a fascination for light and has explored and mastered the art of light throughout his career. In 2018, this led him into using 3D and a new artistic technique. Built upon the same principles as photography, 3D tools allowed the artist to utilise his experience in photography, but without the boundaries of reality.

Today, Moteh creates art through 3D as his main profession and has built up a substantial following on social media platforms such as Instagram (150k) and Twitter (25k). Known for his simplistic yet striking scenes, Moteh uses light and color to convey meaningful emotion. Over the last couple of years, the artist has worked with numerous big names in the music and corporate world.  Since 2020, Moteh has also made a name for himself in the NFT scene, which has led to exhibitions around the world.