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MOLI is a a Digital Art studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed by Sebastián Dias, Jonatan Basaldúa & Nacho Gómez. The three met in Art school around 2008 and have been working together ever since. In 2014, they decided to work towards materializing a long-held shared dream, founding their own studio. From then on, MOLI has worked on both commercial and in-house artistic projects, with an impressive roster of clients including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Spotify, Google, Samsung, H&M and more.

MOLI's body of work is described as ‘a whimsical take on the everyday’, a statement that was embraced by the trio moving forward, as it summed up the aesthetic choices the artists made while trying to shape their identity. MOLI loves subtexts and telling stories, while bouncing between minimal monochrome imagery and intricate textures. They welcome challenges and the inherent struggle that comes from messing with the creative side of things.