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Art was first a therapy for Michael Strevens. While his daughter has just been born, his father was reaching the end of an incurable disease. Between the hospital and the house, he felt as if he’d never been in the right place. Photography and remodeling on mobile phones became a place of escape. Little by little, he began drawing on mobile and tried to integrate some of the elements he liked in photography and architecture - geometry, perspective, symmetry, lines - Recently, he has given new direction to his work and is trying new software. Michael Strevens creates immersive digital art using only mobile devices. His images play with scales by incorporating a number of striking visual elements such as graphic patterns, shapes and lines. The tiny silhouette of each of these images changes the viewer’s perception of what he is looking at, and the abstract drawings become "places" in their own right.

Michael Strevens' work strikes with the diversity of aesthetics and inspirations. Indeed, textures games, organic worlds, architected universes, lines of illusions, landscapes or glitch spaces... there is something for everyone. But one element remains constant, and forever strikes the eye of the observer: this character in black. He is no one in particular... but precisely, therefore, can be everyone and anyone. And thanks to him, the place, whatever it is, becomes a real space.


Michael Strevens