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Memo Santos is a Mexican artist who designs robotic technologies. He has a background in physical engineering and focuses on research, development and implementation of human-machine interfaces such as exoskeletons, brain-computer interfaces and haptic technologies. The magnitude of the data flows and the abstract nature of their representation have prompted him to explore various structures and forms to visualize the vast data information with which he interacts. Driven by the belief that arts and technology are the workings of human progress, his goal is to harness design as a way to connect and promote science and the arts to improve the future of collective human experience.

His sources of inspiration are directly related to the ideals of cyberpunk and solarpunk. He devoted himself to the construction of technological tools and aesthetics that could perfectly fit into these futuristic ideals. Studios and artists such as NONOTAK, TUNDRA, Vincent Houze and Bileam Tschepe also played an important role in his approach. Memo presented his work in various forums in Mexico, France and China, such as the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey, NeuroFrance 2019, Ephemeral Presentations à Marseille 2020, etc.


Memo Santos