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Meeson Pae’s work explores the convergence of science, technology and mythology into a thick layer of images and objects reflecting the systems of nature. Intersections and parallels between systems become metaphors and images to dissect and explore. Much of the work begins with the extraction of simple elements, then the expansion, repetition and extension of these components into transmuted conglomerates. His work process involves a methodical accumulation of artifacts, images and sounds to synthesize and compress them into vast visual fields. Working in a variety of media ranging from painting, video and 3D software, sculpture and installation, each medium is a tool to treat natural phenomena from microscopic to macroscopic.

Meeson Pae was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. She holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of California at Los Angeles and CSULB, and has participated in international solo and collective exhibitions, including at the Kashya Hildebrand Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland), ArtHK (Hong Kong, China), ARCO (Madrid, Spain), Contemporary Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey), etc. Pae has also received numerous awards and has been the subject of articles in renowned publications, such as Sculpture Magazine, Art Ltd Magazine, Vice: The Creator’s Project, the Korea Times and the Los Angeles Times, among others.


Meeson Pae

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