Mark Constantine Inducil is a Filipino artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia. His highly textured and detailed renderings address the issues of memory, psychology and the treatment of emotions. In his use of bright colours and fragmented forms, Inducil appeals to an acute understanding of the deep psychological state of humanity and the full range of technicolor diversity it possesses. Using his own experiences as a starting point, Inducil creates fascinating works that embrace the disorienting experience of accepting our internal realities.

Inducil has been featured in several publications, both in articles and in TV reports, such as AvantForm, 365 Art+ Magazine, Hi-Arts, ArtLife magazine and ArtLife TV. He was a finalist in the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize and has also participated in several exhibitions, such as BKK NFT 2022, NFT Art Week Beijing and the exhibition "System Shock: 777 Exhibition", organized by MOCDA and SuperRare.


Mark Constantine Inducil

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