Mario was born in Naples in 1961 and now lives in Rome which he considers to be his starting point and return for each new phase of his life. A photographer since the late 1970s, his main sources of inspiration are street photographers such as Joel Meyerowitz, Saul Leiter, Harry Gruyaert, Fred Herzog, etc. He is also interested in 20th century geometry and art.

His vision of photography reflects a pictorial vision of space derived from an interest in the modern tradition of abstract-figurative "ismes" of the early 20th century artistic avant-garde. In other words, Mario sees photography as a kind of existential therapy, a research oriented towards the formal relationships between the fundamental elements that constitute knowledge (the plane, the lines, the color) and places man at the centre of a space made of obsessive geometric patterns. He has exhibited in several galleries in Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Lecce, Naples, Amsterdam, Paris, London, New York, Philadelphia, Berlin, Dubai and Miami... His work of art Travellers #1 is even present in the collections of the Philadelphia University of the Arts and the Bibliothèque publique de France. He is represented by the Hamburg Kennedy gallery in New York, The Directed Art Modern in Miami, Chiefs & Spirits in The Hague and inArte Gallery in Bergamo.


Mario Rossi

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