Luke Penry is a 3D artist and motion designer from South London. The reason he turned to this discipline is that since our imagination has no limits, it was essential for him that his work had no limits either. Indeed, according to him, 3D makes it possible to create absolutely everything imaginable, and even more, it allows the realization of things that we could never have thought of with a more rational referential or a more traditional art. Through digital art and his wide range of skills, he creates worlds, objects and creatures that are singular and abstract, inspired by nature, space, science and fine arts.

Luke developed a passion for digital art early on. He made his first animation at the age of eight. It was a stop motion animation that he produced using a video camera. At the age of fourteen, he received his first tablet with an animation software installed on it. He then started producing cartoons and posting them on It was then very logically that he turned to graphic design studies, until he discovered 3D and then became a motion designer.


Luke Penry

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