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Lucas Lejeune is a multidisciplinary new technology artist born in Strasbourg in 1991 whose main mission is to propose creative ways of emancipation in the face of the automation of society. He specializes in the practice of installation and artistic performance and works in particular on the issues of animal intelligence and artificial imagination. His works are the result of his own language systems, which allow him to speak differently of bodies, territories, memories and collective identities. His artistic practice does not stop there, since he has also been interested in the techno scene as a field of experimentation. He was particularly interested in spatialized video mapping and real-time video flow control. This has enabled him to participate in dozens of events in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Hungary.

In addition to his talent, of course, Lucas owes the diversity of his knowledge todo his studies since he holds a DNAP obtained at the HEAR of Strasbourg and concluded his course at the ERG of Brussels by a Master obtained with distinction from the jury. At the end of his studies, he continued to explore the new ways of writing and reading offered by new technologies. He is also a motion designer and was a laureate of Ateliers Médicis, RECIT and the Kiwanis Club.


Lucas Lejeune