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Loulou João is an Afro Belgian visual artist. Due to her mixed roots she developed an interdimensional worldview. Because of this, she approaches political, cultural, socio-economic and historical aspects of the white world in an analytical way, investigating how whiteness as a default and the perceived superiority thereof is upheld and how it affects her own identity and position within this societal setting. She attempts to shine a different light on the narration and representation of women belonging to the afro diaspora. She sees blackness as a technology, one that is constantly evolving to survive and go up against issues like objectification and oppression.

By making use of 3d software (Blender), she visualizes her own reality, a digital world that consists of candy-coated squishy plastic objects. The artist uses hyper femme cuteness as her visual language to create a safe space, one where she is able to focus on the expression of her own true self without any constructs weighing her down. This gives her the opportunity to reflect on the struggles she faces and hopefully makes topics like mental health, identity and sexuality more discussable.


Loulou João