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Logan Sprangers is a multidisciplinary visual artist working in the film and television industry. Sprangers' practice is strongly influenced by his love of film and cinema, the styles and codes of directors such as David Lynch having a huge influence on his work. Although horror and suspense play an important role in the artist’s work, cartoons from his childhood or retro and vintage pop imagery are also very present in Sprangers' approach.

Logan Sprangers created for brands such as Disney, Google, FX, Netflix, and films such as Death Race, The Sadness and The Other Side of the Wind. His animations have been presented in galleries organized by renowned digital artists such as Beeple, NessGraphics and Gmunk. In 2021, one of his collaborative works was acquired by Elon Musk. Logan’s works of art cover a wide range of media and genres and are noted for their vivid details, evocative themes and use of composition. With his experience in motion design, fine arts and photography, Logan strives to integrate his diverse skills into all his artistic projects.


Logan Sprangers