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Lindsay Gilbert is a creative technologist, software engineer and robotic operator based in Seattle. So far, her work has taken the form of live TV games, interactive online dating experiences and generative art projects. She works in particular on TouchDesigner, a "obsessing" software according to her words, as it is her favorite tool to explore an art oriented towards algorithms and interactivity.

In her work, she is inspired by many analog processes such as film development and colour dyeing. She spent much of her 20 years in dark rooms, so much she perceived something magical in the development of a film, especially when something you didn’t realize you captured at all appears. She is also very inspired by the notion of repetition, in her life as in her art, and when she sometimes struggles to make a decision about generative creation, she accentuates the essential parameter of the work to have a more incisive look at this intensified version of the work, and makes the creation decision according to the result of this accentuation.


Lindsay Gilbert