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Leonardo Solaas is a self-taught programmer and new media artist who has also studied philosophy. His work explores critical approaches to software and technology, including self-organized systems, rules-based processes, artificial life, social networks, data visualization and more. He also writes and teaches on topics close to the intersection of art, philosophy and technology. He lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Leonardo works on three series of books: "Dreamlines", "Displacements" and "Condensations". "Dreamlines" is a series of generative paintings created from images collected during an Internet search. The lines in the table are drawn by a swarm of autonomous agents, each of them moving along a path determined by the color values of the input images. The "Displacements" series is generated by the algorithmic fusion of two images, where one of them acts as a map to control the movement of the pixels of the other. Finally, the "Condensations" series results from an algorithmic manipulation of video recordings, so that only the changing parts of the image are retained, making visible everything that moves and ignoring the rest.


Leonardo Solaas