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Kyle Preston is a classical and modern composer from Seattle who produces experimental and ambient music. With a background in astronomy and astrophysics, his work remains anchored in scientific realism. He is inspired by the worlds of Stanley Kubrick, Francis Bacon, David Lynch and Max Richter. His works are visual representations of an auditory stimulus. In other words, they are built from raw musical emotion. His creative skills include After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

His work appears in a growing list of short and feature films, applications and video games. For example, Kyle worked to create the game Prune, an iOS game voted best game of the year by Time Magazine in 2015. His work has been described as "from another world" by the Los Angeles Times because it is based on minimalism and light classical music. He manages to reproduce through his music feelings of intense joy and freedom. To describe Kyle’s music in a few words, the simplest would be to quote Jamar Roberts, when she writes in The New Yorker that the music of this singular artist is “minimalist in instrumentation but maximalist in tension and emotion.”


Kyle Preston