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Kota Nakazono, born in 1988, is a visual artist and a designer based in Tokyo.
He works mainly in 3DCG (3D Computer Graphics) for graphic design, music videos, title sequences, and other video productions.

Kota works on a series of abstract fluid computer graphics called [continuum] and bizarre plant-inspired computer graphics within the [Green] series. Inspired by various aspects of everyday life and web culture, including nature, early internet nostalgia such as early 2000 computer icons, and glitch art or the pixelation of images, Kota's work is emblematic of digitally-native artwork. Combined with the distinctive graphic design touch in his work as a designer, the final visual result of Kota's practice balances aestheticism with exploration of composition and form in the digital age. The artist has participated in an NFT group exhibition in Seattle in January 2023, and is currently expanding his activities both nationally and internationally.


Kota Nakazono