Kosmic Kha0s is a digital artist from NYC. He has developed a unique artistic style that revolves around gem and glass art. His journey began at the age of 8 when he stumbled upon a cathedral and witnessed the mesmerizing spectacle of colors piercing through stained-glass windows. This encounter left a profound impact on him, ultimately shaping his artistic direction.

Drawing inspiration from that life-changing experience, he now creates captivating gem and glass art pieces. His exceptional artwork caught the attention of the art community and was exhibited at prestigious events such as NFT NYC 2023, NABU Crypto Art IRL exhibition in Paris, Beijing Exhibition 'Colours of Joy'. Kosmic Kha0s is not only a skilled artist but also an art and technology enthusiast. He constantly explores new software and tools, eager to discover if they can add another dimension to his art process. This experimental approach allows him to push the boundaries of his creativity and continue evolving his unique art style


Kosmic Kha0s

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