Kitasavi (Nikita Savinov, 1992) is an artist who uses on 3D graphics, sculpture and photography in his works. Coming from the world of graphic design, Kitasavi tries, in his artistic practice, to deconstruct the experiences of everyday life and to transform them into an unprecedented reality where chaos is the only order. Organic forms, whimsical characters, tangible textures, crazy colors, hidden elements, humour, culinary and travel references constitute his artistic approach.

Situated somewhere between abstract and figurative, real and ethereal, chaotic at first sight, his works are perfectly structured and balanced. Kitasavi’s works have been exhibited in the United States, Australia, Germany, France, Austria, Japan, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The artist also presented a solo exhibition at the Bright Moments Gallery in Los Angeles. He is currently based in Istanbul, Turkey.



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