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Kaspar Ravel is a French new media artist and curator based in Paris. Coming from the art culture of the internet, he explores the world of data and infuses it with delicacy and poetry. Passionate about new technologies, Kaspar navigates through technological innovations while seeking to confront them with acquired knowledge and understand and alter current standards. His work frequently revolves around analogies between the physical body and the digital and around the demystification of emerging technologies.

The artist encourages the viewer to re-appropriate his work as an experimental practice space and to integrate alternative ideologies into himself. His works have been exhibited at many festivals (26th Slavonian Biennial, Croatia - England, Design Festival, London - Edge Festival, Saint Petersburg - Glicht Art is dead , US - Punt Multimedia, Barcelona - La Folie Numérique, Paris - Jardin Phosphorescent, Rennes - Supervue Festival, Liège...) and galleries (Fiction Science Gallery, San Francisco - Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis - Siva Galerija, Zagreb - Museum of Fine Arts, Osijek...) and his installations can be found in many countries around the world (Barhain, France, Lebanon, Croatia...).


Kaspar Ravel