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Kai-Luen Liang is a Los Angeles-based sound and media artist who is interested in generating systems, all kinds of images and sounds, low-tech electronics/ DIY and neural networks for image and sound generation. Another area in which he is particularly interested is plunderphony. It is a musical genre that corresponds in a way to sound collage, in which the pieces are built by sampling recognizable musical works. He addresses his works to all those curious about exploring sounds and images, aimless experiences and random thoughts.

Kai-Luen holds an MFA in music technology and integrated media from the California Institute of Arts. He works mainly through software such as Touchdesigner, programming or neural networks. His sources of inspiration are many, but to mention only the main ones, he is particularly inspired by the work of Nam June Paik, Stan Brakhage, Tsai Ming Liang, John Oswald, John Cage and Eliane Radique. His work has already been exhibited several times, notably during the Beijing Design Week, but also at events such as 798 Arts, RedCat, and SXSW.


Kai-Luen Liang