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JBL (Julie Berger Lindh) breathes substance into hazy dreams. Linking technological advancement with something fragile and sensory, her work dips its feet both into realism and abstraction. Lindh’s practice abounds in washes of soft, pastel colour, sometimes punctuated by details rendered in neon hues. Organic forms that ressemble floating rocks defy physics, and yet provide a weightiness to a world which otherwise could be a cloud, thereby bringing a sense of tactility to an ethereal realm. With a foundation in the aesthetics of atmosphere and the inherent narrative of space, the artist searches for something still enough to decouple hyperbolics from escapism. In its place, something gentler emerges.

JBL has most recently taken part in exhibitions with Denver Digerati, Galeria Melissa, Extraordinary Hope, Nowhere Gallery, and Vancouver Winter Arts Festival. In Norway, she has been part of exhibitions with Gallery Brenneriet, Gallery Ingensteds, and Varmtbadet with Drøbak art collective, as well as a solo exhibition at Sniki Art Gallery.


Julie Berger Lindh