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Born in Nice in 1991, in 33 years, the curious Julia Chameroy, alias Julink, has already scoured many corners of the planet: Canada, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Asia & South America... From these trips and these encounters, she brings back as many memories as inspirations for her pop, colorful and full of life creations. She adopts a collage technique mixed with paint jets. In November 2019, she collaborated with Animah, a multidisciplinary artist and life coach, which gave rise to her first exhibition. The works were displayed for a month at Chez Pauline, a cultural café in Nice. The following year, Julink was exhibited at Foam, a beer bar located in the same sunny city. In 2020, the pandemic pushed the artist to opt for a slightly different style. She traded her brushes for a tablet. The digital world opened up to her. The artist embarked on challenges dedicated to collagists through the Paris Collage Collective or Februllage. She never ceased to create and invent works, as amusing as they are surreal, produced using digitized or totally digitized paper magazines.

Julink's universe is vintage, mixing pinup & astronomy. The artist always tries to provoke a smile or a laugh in the people who discover her collages. The trigger was Keith Haring, one of her idols, whose following quote the artist abides by and made her own: “It has become increasingly clear to me that art is not an elitist activity reserved for the appreciation of a few, but for everyone, and that is the end toward which I will continue to work.”.


Julia Chameroy

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