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Jules Langeard is a French digital artist, photographer, videographer and content creator for digital and print campaigns, who has worked with companies such as Porsche, Richard Mille and Honda. His visual storytelling skills have allowed him to work in many different sectors including outdoor action sports, luxury, documentary, travel and editorial. At the age of 16 he was asked to take photos of a friend for a Mountain Bike Magazine and the resulting photos were published. It was at this moment his passion for storytelling started.

Jules' hypnotic loops of skateboarders and BMXers is what has led him to his renown on social media today. The artist intentionally leverages the psychology behind capturing people's attention on social media, using growth hacking techniques as a commentary for this work. “The main aspect of my work is to grab your attention and to make you look closer at it. With a very technical and professional background in the media industry combined with 10 years of experience, I became a specialist of digital attention. There are countless content creators out there, the difference between one and another is the story told," he states. "We consume a lot of content every day and forget about it seconds later. I aim at creating work that pays attention to the story. Sometimes seen as an art piece it is often made for growth hacking techniques. I dig inspiration from both marketing wizards such as Ryan Holiday, digital artists like Pablo Rochat along with Ari Fararooy and under the historic influence of Henry Cartier Bresson. Altogether, I can create a piece of work that fits the medium and stands out.”


Jules Langeard

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