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Jude Allen is a self-taught travel and landscape photographer based in San Francisco. He was born and raised in Monterey, California. This artist has had several areas of predilection during his life. First skateboarding, then music and now photography. In any case, he has always worked in the field of artistic expression in one form or another, but it was only when he began to practice photography that he realized that it was his true passion. Whether it’s travelling, meeting other creative minds or taking on challenges by working with companies and brands to bring vision to life, he says that the possibilities and excitement are endless.

Jude has been dedicated to photography for over six years now. He started by taking photos of skateboarding, then embarked on travel, adventure and landscapes. He also loves photographing people and everything that is a challenge for him. He feels that photography allows him to look at things and the people around him differently, and to better appreciate the point at which life can be beautiful.


Jude Allen

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