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Juan Delcan is an artist from Spain, where he studied architecture and fine arts and began his career as a graphic designer and illustrator. In Madrid, he joined Opera Soft, where his video game creations still enjoy a cult status, then in the mid-1990s, he moved to the United States. He now lives and works between Los Angeles and New York.

Although Juan is above all a director, his paintings and illustrations are very successful, so much so that he was chosen to produce the stage visuals for U2’s participation in the Grammy Awards for example. He also worked closely with the band in directing and designing the stage visuals for their Vertigo World tour. He has carried out many projects combining action and animation and offering stunning visual effects. Its clients include American Express, Bank Of America, Heineken, Lenovo, HP, Puma, L'Oréal, Pfizer, Samsung and many others... Juan’s work has been rewarded by London International Advertising, British Design & Art Direction Award, Monitor Award and Design Awards, Museum of Modern Art… and continues to be presented at many film festivals.


Juan Delcan