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José Angel is a life coach, poet, engineer and digital artist. Author of three books on happiness, he seeks to find, for him and his contemporaries, the path to real and renewed bliss. His inspiration is fueled by his desire to produce works of art that convey beauty and harmony. Inner peace is a rare source of inspiration for him, and it is only by seeking this peace of mind that the artist can, according to him, create something beautiful. Shades, colors, shadows, are all designed to inspire peace and well-being as we contemplate the abstract forms and movements of his works. The artist paints the starting point of an experience, the spectator, looking at the work, completes the experience and gives it its true meaning. His works are sometimes sketched on paper and then transferred and coloured to the computer, others are, from beginning to end, realized on a graphic tablet. Some of them are static and represent a moment here and now frozen in time. Others are dance forms on a static background.

In recent years, José Angel has been exhibiting his work in local and international exhibitions, such as the "Artmonia" exhibition in 2019 in Denia, Alicante, "Philo-Poema" in May 2021 in Milan, Vibes Exhibition in September 2021 in Naples, without forgetting the exhibition Valparaiso (2021), or La Cova talla (2021), or the 9th virtual international exhibition of the Mundatori Museum in 2021.


Jose Angel Fernandez Gomez