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Jon Noorlander is a multidisciplinary Swedish artist whose artistic journey began at an early age. His mother being a painter and his father an architect, he grew up in a setting conducive to the development of his artistic sensibility. He then chose to study computer graphics in Sweden and as a teenager, he discovered 3D and became passionate about it. He then enrolled at the University of London, where he moved to pursue a career in the field of special effects and design. Eight years later, he moved to Los Angeles where he lived for a few years, then moved to New York where he still lives today.

Jon’s creative strength is reflected in the power of the movement, visuals, sculptures and messages he conveys. His works are bold, contemporary and abstract. Above all, they have the singular characteristic of being both disturbing, provocative and yet very pleasant. Today, he works as Executive Creative Director at Method Studios in New York and has already collaborated with leading brands such as nail coloring company Essie, Apple, beer company Bud Light and even with the production of the film "300 - Rise of an Empire".


Jon Noorlander