John Harman is a digital artist based in Virginia, USA. After a career as an engineer in the American navy and in information technology, he eventually turned to digital art, and more precisely to vector art, which he quickly fell in love with. He learned to create the works he had in mind thanks to the digital mastery of the movement of lines, points and curves.

His more than ten years of management in design and design roles, as well as in many different environments, have made him an experienced and varied artist, able to adapt to all types of projects. John holds an undergraduate degree in video game design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and an MFA in media design from Full Sail University. His work is strongly influenced by the OpArt movement, with an emphasis on the realization of geometric drawings and visual illusions based on the perception of movement. He is also fascinated by geometric patterns and daily shapes. He produces all his works using vector art techniques on his computer and mainly uses Adobe Illustrator to create.


John Harman

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