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Jérôme Delapierre is a visual artist and interactive designer based in Montreal. He studied digital arts and interactive design at Concordia University and new media at IMUS in France. He is now the artistic director of Eden Creative Studio as well as a visual designer and researcher at the Topological Media Lab. Jérôme has collaborated with various artists and researchers such as Cirque du soleil, Coeur de pirate, Alex Nevsky, Cath Laporte, Dj Champion, Pk langshaw, Sha Xin Wei, Michael Montanaro, Roger Sinha and Jean Derome.

Jérôme’s work has been presented at various festivals and events around the world. He received the Numix Award in 2019 and the Félix Award in 2021, in the category of best lighting and projection design. He is also interested in new ways of creating visual installations and atmospheres by exploring different projection techniques. Jérôme Delapierre’s work includes visual design, video and interactive installations, shows and scenography.


Jérôme Delapierre