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Jeremy Seeman, aka Kinetic Graphics, is a 3D artist from Edmonton, Canada. He focuses on creating art that juxtaposes realistic objects moving unrealistically. His main inspirations are M.C. Escher, mathematics, nature and music. Fascinated by natural mathematical phenomena such as the Fibonacci sequence, Seeman seeks to capture this perfect and satisfying natural harmony in his works of art. Although there is an element of surrealism and unnatural movement in his animations, a general sense of harmony and balance can be found in the nature that surrounds us and reflects it.

Jeremy has spent more than a decade as a graphic designer. He began moving towards 3D work in May 2021 and then full-time in May 2022. Thanks to the freedom that digital art and the sale of NFT have provided to the artist, he can now devote his work and his passion to the advancement of his artistic practice.


Jeremy Seeman