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Jérémy Oury combines his audio and visual skills to create singular digital forms in different formats: architectural mapping, light installation, fulldome or even for the theater. He focuses his work on a research around illusions resulting from geometric distortions, on synesthesia between sound and video, as well as on the disruption of the perception of space through immersive forms.

Since 2014, his artistic work has been awarded in various international festivals of video mapping and fulldome projection. His works have been presented in many digital art exhibitions such as ISEA in South Korea, Mapping festival in Geneva, FILE festival in Brazil, +CODE in Argentina, MADATAC in Spain. In partnership with the French Institute, he leads workshops to share his knowledge with other professionals and amateurs. He also works with theater companies such as Ziferte (Marion Siéfert), Collectif X, Dorénavant Cie (Jean Paul Wenzel), Think tank Theatre (Karim Bel Kacem), Incandescence (Gabriel Dufay) and he regularly collaborates with the artist Apach and the musician Antoine Briot via the collective ARCAAN.


Jérémy Oury

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