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Jakob Appleby is a 3D artist based in Norway. He was born in 1993 in Oslo and has been practicing 3D for over 10 years now. Very early on, he became passionate about simulations and remembers being interested in many research articles on emerging technologies at a very young age. He followed studies devoted to the media and the arts for 5 years, including two specializing in 3D.

His art is often described as a result of a highly technical approach to 3D, as it includes simulations and complex systems. To create, it uses software such as Cinema4D, RealFlow or After effects. As most of his creations are simulations, Jakob is generally inspired by what he observes in real life, nature as well as everyday objects, although most of his favorite artists are interested in surrealism. It is through his passion for video games that he brings a more unreal dimension to his art. In fact, his work is halfway between the real and the unreal. In short, most of his work consists of simulations of phenomena that are often abstract, but made realistic by a play on lights and shadows.


Jakob Appleby

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