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Jack McVeigh is a digital artist based in Australia. He utilises Digital Painting in combination with 3D software to create his artwork, which has become known for its distinct textural and painterly quality. Jack's work seeks to integrate the ‘stillness’ of traditional painting compositions with the added dimension of movement brought on via 3D animation. This creates captivating pieces where the subjects of the paintings are able to be viewed perpetually in motion. The subject matter itself varies in scale from larger landscape works to smaller point of view perspectives, all aimed at capturing a sense of nostalgia or the monotony of daily life.

An architect and designer by training, Jack has worked in various design agencies and on various commercial projects. Today, he also sells his digital paintings via the marketplace, Foundation. The artist is heavily inspired by modern and contemporary painters such as David Hockney, and aims to extend the tradition of painting in our digital era, constantly researching and seeking the tensions and balances between dynamism and stillness in the tradition of still life painting.


Jack McVeigh