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Derech (b. 1990, Mexico) is a multidisciplinary cross-chain artist who has experimented with image-making and storytelling by combining street photography and cinematography. With the use of visual cues, he aims to evoke a similar sensation to that of a movie experience. Inspired by the depth and simplicity of haikus, Derech creates visual reinterpretations that incorporate their basic structure of three lines and seventeen syllables. He reimagined them as three panels and seventeen seconds, which are displayed in parallel and in a perpetual loop, inducing a state of trance. Focusing on creating a world of emotions rather than a specific subject, the artist blends nostalgia, romanticism, and overwhelming beauty. The body of work is an open invitation to allow one's mind to unwind from daily life, and get lost in the now.

'When was the last time that you stood under the rain and felt the gentle touch of a raindrop crashing against your skin? When was the last time that you stopped for a few seconds to just look at life pass and take it all in? The beauty of life relies on those small things that we can easily forget to see due to the fast pace of life, and that’s why my art was born, to give you a space to stop, breathe, and enjoy the fleeting gesture of life in a state of perpetual meditation through the soothing spirit of Japanese daily life with a cinematic touch...'


Ilan Derech