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Igor Martins has been working with traditional and digital art, from classic drawing and oil painting to 3D animation and visual effects, since 2001. In his artistic work, he seeks to create relationships between the physical and metaphysical world, immanence and transcendence, the natural and the supernatural, the concrete and the imaginary.

He has released curated drops on NFT, World of V, Musé, and KnownOrigin, and he sells NFT art on MakersPlace (Ethereum), KnownOrigin (Ethereum), 1stDibsNFT (Ethereum), Musé (Ethereum), (Cronos), OBJKT (Tezos), Dartroom (Algorand), World of V (VeChain), and Formfunction (Solana) platforms. His art was exhibited at Miami Art Week, Metaverse Art Week (Decentraland), NFT São Paulo, and in private galleries in the metaverse, and he was highlighted as an artist by KnownOrigin, Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA) and Museum of Digital Contemporary Art (MoCDA). He is the founder and partner of UP Studio, an internationally awarded Motion and Visual Effects studio. He coordinates and directs teams of artists and designers, and has produced projects for international clients and brands such as Netflix, Will Smith, Justin Bieber, Usher, Google, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Samsung, Bose, Warner Music, Audi, Uber, DJI, Volvo.


Igor Martins