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Holger Lippmann is a German digital artist who was originally a painter and sculptor. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden where he obtained his sculpture degree. He then pursued his graduate studies in Stuttgart, Paris, and then moved to Brooklyn, where he did a first infographic internship at the New York Institute of Technology. And when he returned to Germany in 1994, he moved to Berlin at the time of the electronic music boom, which prompted him to work his art with computers. At that time, he knew he wanted to make art in the same way that the music he was listening to was composed. So he spent a new year learning multimedia design at CimData Berlin and never felt the urge to return to painting and traditional art work again.

Holger likes to compare his work to dance or musical improvisation; if technique is necessary, improvisation also played a key role in his works. In this case, the technique is embodied in the algorithmic structuring and mathematical dimension of the forms and behaviors of the work. Improvisation, on the other hand, is a form of letting go, to which the artist must bow in order to give way to his spontaneous imagination.


Holger Lippmann