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Hashmukh Kerai (Hash) is a 3D artist and Motion Graphic Designer who lives and works in London, UK. He began his creative career in film and production, then pursued his love for visual effects, mainly in the field of 3D art and motion graphics. Hash has always had a real passion for moving imagery and enjoyed creating works of art that cannot always be realized in the physical world. This is what led Hash to his latest artistic series and his universe of characters, Zlorps. Zlorps is a colorful, wild, fun and funky world of cute characters, where everyone is different and unique. The idea of Zlorps was created to represent and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each of us.

Hash has worked with several key customers and partners throughout his career, including Amazon, Pepsi, UEFA, Samsung, Adidas, Adobe, Playstation, Guinness and many others. He has won several awards for his work and has been the subject of articles in the press, including the BBC.


Hashmukh Kerai