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Harold Perrin (aka "anemotionalrobot") is a French digital artist specialized in experimental motion design. After spending all his childhood in Martinique and Reunion Island, he began studying law at the University of Savoie, then finally moved to Paris to pursue a master’s degree in Visual Communication and Artistic Direction at Intuit.Lab in order to launch his career in London. That’s when he started working freelance as a graphic designer and artistic director in the advertising industry. He has previously worked on global projects for international brands such as Nestlé.

Rich in this multicultural and multidisciplinary journey, his work is focused on the field of interactive art, audiovisual performances and multimedia installations. To create, he works on various software such as Houdini, Touchdesigner or through code. Inspired by the 1960s/1970s, scientific imagery, altered consciousness and psychedelic art movement, Harold embraces new media technologies and generative design to provoke our sense of sight. The behaviour of his often hallucinatory visuals can sometimes be influenced by the participation of spectators - in order to blur the boundaries between digital and physical - or a sound source.


Harold Perrin