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Hanna Inaiáh is a brazilian digital artist and surface designer with a focus on fashion and print. Passionate about art and with an always attentive eye, she combines her creative impulse with the desire to innovate. She has been working in her studio since 2009 where she develops projects all over the world and more recently has been exploring artificial intelligence and the countless possibilities it offers. She uses this tool to create colorful works with patterns and designs from her own universe, imbued with Brazilian culture. Through her works, she explores a wide range of themes, from Brazilian folklore figures to the denunciation of the ecological impact of the fashion industry.

She has made many collaborations where we find her colorful and joyful style. She has worked with Farm Rio, Reserva, Sig Bergamin, Salão Casa Moda, Premiere Vision, Revista Zupi, Texitura, among others.


Hanna Inaiáh