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Giovanni De Benedetto is a klecksography artist who created a specific technique using painting, photography and digital manipulation, for which he coined the term Augmented Klecksography Paintings (AKP). PREMATURE is the KPA project, where spectators actively participate in the creative process by projecting themselves into the artwork and sharing their visions with each others.

Since 2012, Giovanni has exhibited PREMATURE in cities such as Venice, Paris, Berlin and Miami Beach and has won several awards in the field of art photography (Black & White Spider Awards, PX3, Neutral Density) and he is regularly cited in art magazines (Inside Art, Art Market Magazine, My Art Is Real, Dodho Magazine, to name a few). Since 2021, Giovanni began to engage in the digital art scene, exhibiting in international collective exhibitions with leading curators in the field of NFT, such as Eleonora Brizi and Ellen Xu. With these curators, Giovanni participated respectively in Art Miami 2021 and NFT Paris, as well as in NFT Art Week Shenzhen and Hangzhou.


Giovanni De Benedetto