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Germano Mombach was born in Brazil and spent much of his life there. Creative by nature and an artist at heart from an early age, he trained in design at university and thus learned about 3D software, motion design and video. In 2011, he moved to Sweden where he continued to work as a designer. Alongside her work at a design studio, Germano Mombach uses her skills to experiment with new things, following her unique inspiration and ideas. Everyday life, design, and architecture remain his main source of inspiration in his artistic activity. His work blends Brazilian dynamics with Scandinavian style, giving the artist’s works a special touch of authenticity and originality.

Although Germano Mombach’s work is primarily focused on commissions for often advertising content, he is convinced that design, in so far as it requires both know-how and creative ability, is an art in its own right. Through the production of dynamic content, Germano Mombach participates in the creation of a virtual universe where beauty and utility coexist. For this reason the artist never ceases to experiment new things, always realistic and always magical, in order to propel them to the exhibition to make see and make known all their value.


Germano Mombach