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From Greek mythology to abstract and modern compositions, Gabriel Morala’s work explores the contrast between objects and elements of different origin and nature. He likes to challenge the public’s ideas of what he sees and plunge him into realistic worlds whose rules defy those of our own reality. His technique generally consists of physically realistic simulations combined with abstract and aesthetic scenes in search of realism in the abstract.

Gabriel studied graphic design and different programs independently. But according to him, the thing that played the most important role in his creative process was to surround himself with talented artists and work alongside them in studios where he learned what it means to be successful at work. Inspired by artists from different backgrounds such as sculpture, cinema and design, Gabriel Morala creates works that transmit exhilarating and sensual sensations. He also tends to look for inspiration on social networks such as Behance, Instagram, Vimeo... but he considers that inspiration can come from anywhere, and that the more you live and socialize, the more you will be inspired.


Gabriel Morala