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Fractually (Luke Porteus) is a fractal 3d animator from Wellington, New Zealand. His production is very varied: he creates music videos, VR content, dome projections, festival videos, NFT and installations. Fractually focuses his reflection on three unique properties of 3D fractals: infinite details, complex motion and geometry. 3D fractals are created using a combination of simple mathematical formulas. These special formulas allow you to zoom infinitely into the fractals they create and thus a single formula can create an infinitely large world. Fractually then uses a variety of techniques to cross these worlds and capture fragments, in the same way a photographer travels to interesting places on earth. These fractal worlds often seem to be computer generated. By using lighting, staining, post-treatment and a large amount of effects, Fractually enhances these worlds to make them seem more realistic and transform them into physical places such as forests, deserts or oceans. By changing different parameters in the formula, Fractually can create complex morphisms, which completely change the appearance of the generated fractal.

Fractually draws his inspiration from many sources, including music videos such as Weval’s - Someday, Max Cooper’s - Order from Chaos and Ganja White Night’s - Chak Chel, nature photographs by David Muench, Chasing Coral and Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg, festivals such as Oroza, Boom Festival and Modem, psytrance, techno and dubstep artists such as Avalon, Tristan, Imagine Mars, Einmusik, Jon Hopkins, Stephan Bodzin, LSDream, Griz and Clozee, whom Fractually worked with.

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