David Wyatt (aka Forging Mind) is a digital artist from the UK. In 2007, he moved to Australia where he still lives today, near Brisbane. At a time when computers and creative software were still in their infancy, he immediately became interested in an art form that was halfway between digital technology and visual arts.

Forging Mind has specialized in creating visual art for relaxation, meditation and mental wellness. Over the years, he has collaborated with several musicians and sound artists, which has allowed him to understand how to create visuals that help reduce stress, encourage relaxation and altered states of consciousness. His work thus aspires to capture the essence of form, symmetry and color to create an art sensitizing bearer of peace. He is inspired by many universal models such as mandalas, fractals, kaleidoscopes and sacred geometry. For him, art is an opportunity to welcome others in his journey of enlightenment and creativity. A journey where body and mind converge towards technology.


Forging Mind

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