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Uplifting, dream-like and fun, Argentine film-maker Fernando Livschitz's works play through the lens of Magic Realism. His stories unfold organically, displaying the extraordinary as something ordinary and common. Through his works, Fernando delves deeper into reality by highlighting the wonder that can be found in, creating charming and often-mind mind-boggling worlds.

Fernando directs films all around the world, and won the Young Directors Award at the Cannes Lions. He has worked for brands such as Honda, Toyota,Microsoft, Mac Donald’s, Mondelez, Renault, Nissan, Coca Cola and he created the opening credits for CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. His projects go viral rapidly and have been seen by more than 100 million people. He works from film to photography, branded content to music videos and visual arts to digital content.


Fernando Livschitz

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